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Tournament Site

Vilano Beach Pier

  1. The Old School Kingfish Shootout will be held Saturday, June 8, 2024.
  2. The fishing hours will be 7:00 am until 3:00 pm. No lines in the water intended for King Mackerel prior to 7am.
  3. There is no checkout. Boats may NOT leave the boundary to catch bait or deploy lines.
  4. Live bait may NOT be purchased. Live bait must be caught on the Tournament Boat on Tournament Day. Live bait may not be transferred from boat to boat. Purchased dead bait is permitted.
  5. Boats may begin catching bait within the boundaries via cast net or hook and line at 5:00 am on designated fishing day. Possessing any type of live bait is NOT permitted prior to 5:00am on tournament day.
  6. All types of live bait are permitted, however, all bait must be caught within the boundary or in the Intracoastal Waterway.
  7. The boundaries are the center of the St. Mary’s River (30.42.500) to the South Jetty of Ponce Inlet (29.03.000). 
  8. All boats must fish in Florida State Waters (3 nautical miles from the beach) and follow all Florida Fishing Laws. If a fish is hooked in Florida State Waters and while fighting the fish you are taken out of bounds you may continue to play the fish until it is caught or lost but may not deploy lines after completion until you are back in bounds.
  9. After a fish is boated, a photo with the tournament issued OFFICIAL Boat Number on the water with the beach in the background must be taken as soon as possible and sent via text to 904-544-2262. If there is no photo of the fish on the water with the OFFICIAL Boat Number and beach in the background, the fish will be disqualified. Deadline 4:00pm.
  10. All boats must check in via text with the tournament committee once inside the inlet of choice. The tournament phone number is 904-544-2262.
  11. Weigh in will open at 2:00 pm and will remain open until 5:30 pm. Fish may be brought to the weigh in by boat or truck. The crew member must be at the tournament site and checked in with your fish by 5:30 pm for your fish to be weighed. Bring your boat number with you to the weigh in.
  12. The Captain and crew of all entrants are subject to a polygraph at anytime during the tournament. Winning Captains WILL be required to submit and pass a polygraph test prior to being presented any prize. Failure to submit to a polygraph test automatically revokes all claims to prizes and disqualifies the Captain and crew from the tournament.
  13. All protests must be submitted in writing to the tournament committee with a $500 deposit by 5:30 pm June 8, 2024. If the protest is upheld, the deposit will be returned.
  14. This is a big fish tournament. Only 1 fish per boat may be weighed with the exception of a Lady or Junior Angler fish.
  15. No mutilated fish will be weighed. Mutilation is any damage other than gaff marks: The Weighmaster will make decisions regarding mutilation. Please remove all hooks from your fish.
  16. Lady and Junior Anglers must fight their fish from start to finish for fish to qualify. A Junior Angler may receive assistance getting around engines, but must fight the fish until the fish is gaffed. Junior Angler must be 15 years or younger on June 8, 2024 to be eligible. If a Lady Angler is 15 years or younger, they will be classified as a Junior Angler.
  17. In the case of identical weights, the tie will be broken by the first fish weighed.
  18. The tournament reserves the right to deny entry to anyone for whatever reason.
  19. There will be only one prize per boat excluding Lady Angler, Jr. Angler, TWT, and Nimnicht Lucky Ticket Drawing.
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